No Natural Gas in your area? Gas Connection too expensive?

Whatever your reason, there is a brilliant alternative.

LPG utilises a propane, butane gas mixture, bottles can be rented from an energy retailer. Generally 2 x 45kg gas cylinders are sufficient to operate your properties hot water & cooking needs. In some instances of low gas usage LPG can work out, on the whole, cheaper as the annual rental of bottles is less than the rental of the gas meter.

Twinpak is a dual cylinder system that ensures you can enjoy a continuous supply of gas for heating your home, cooking and providing plentiful hot water for the shower, kitchen, laundry and spa pool.

How can you be sure you won’t run out of gas?

The twinpak system is designed to ensure you don’t run out of gas. When one cylinder runs out, an automatic changeover switches to the full cylinder. An easily readable indicator will tell you when the cylinders have changed, so you can request a full cylinder

How long do the cylinders last?

The average family of four uses around 220 litres of hot water per day. Depending on the type of hot water system you choose, the layout of your house and the temperature of the water, your Twinpak will last around 45-65 days (using up both cylinders).


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