Are you cooking on gas?

Cooking with gas is the first choice for kitchen professionals, due to the speed, versatility, and superior control it offers making gas the clear winner over other methods such as electric. EziGas install a wide range of NZ certified Gas cooktops and ovens and can advise you on which model will suit your household needs.

Cost Effective
Gascooktops heat faster than their electric counterparts and combined with their affordable running cost make them a great option for many households.

Instant Heat
Gas hobs & ovens offer instant heat at the flick of a switch or push of a button. This means theres no waiting around for the hob to heat up or cool off. Great for precision cooking and speedy results. It’s easier to control temperatures and provides an instant heat source,Which means you can get those temperatures low enough to simmer and high enough to stir-fry with a twist of a dial.

Even Heat Distribution
The flames on a gas cooktop allow for even heat distribution throughout the entire pot or pan. This reduces the risk of scorching select spots on the cookware and the food you are cooking. The rings on newer cooktops have a greatly improved heat distribution, meaning there’s no dead air space in the middle and your omelette cooks evenly.

Power cut? No worries!
You can keep cooking even when your electricity supply is out, so no hungry mouths at dinner time.


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