There are a few different options when choosing gas hot water for your home. Hopefully the following will help in making your selection but please get in touch if you have any questions.

Inside or Outside

Gas hot water systems can be placed inside or outside the house, outside is usually the preferred choice due to space savings inside. Internal options are usually more expensive as they require a flue to disperse the products of combustion.

Storage or Continuous?

Storage hot water systems heat and then keep a body of water warm in the same way electric ones do – except using gas which means using a much cheaper fuel source. They come in a variety of sizes to suit your households requirements, the name of the unit usually signifies the litre capacity of the unit.

Continuous hot water systems have low running costs and are often known as on demand or tankless water heaters. Unlike a traditional hot water cylinder which has to maintain a constant temperature throughout the day gas water heaters only heat the water as and when it is needed. These continuous flow systems provide instant hot water and plenty of it! No more cold showers for the last one out of bed in the morning! We install a range of continuous flow gas hot water systems from reputable brands such as Rinnai and Paloma. There is no storage of hot water – no keeping water warm until required – just endless hot water when required.
Small and discreet and are usually placed outside for maximum space savings inside.

18 litre – Ideal for smaller homes with a single bathroom or standalone ensuite application

20 litre – Ideal for homes with a single bathroom & ensuite

24 litre – Ideal for homes with a larger hot water requirement. The ability to utilise up to 3 remote controllers, enabling control in the kitchen & two bathrooms. 

27 litre – Ideal for larger household with three or more bathrooms. The ability to utilise up to 3 remote controllers, enabling control in the kitchen & two bathrooms. 

*Coming Mid 2019 – a new 26 litre model to replace existing 24 and 27 litre models.*

How do they work?

As soon as you turn the hot tap the system ignites heating the water to a pre-defined temperature. This happens via a heat exchanger that transfer heat to the water from the gas-fired burner.


  • No cold showers – continuous hot water system means this is a thing of the past
  • Pay for what you use – no heating a hot cylinder all day
  • Options – Use LPG or natural gas
  • Take control – Using a Digital controller you can modify the supply and heat of the water

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